My Story

How I got where I am today

Ever since I was a young girl being driven around in my mom’s minivan throughout the suburbs of San Jose, I’ve been a true creative at heart. Whether it's crafting intuitive designs, weaving little plushies with crochet needles, or exploring a myriad of other hobbies, I thrive on bringing beauty and innovation into the world.

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UCLA Kuruvunga Steps

Halfway through my college career at UCLA (go Bruins!), I stumbled upon the world of UX design, after aimlessly hoping to “go into AI”. From then on, I embarked on my design journey, joining various student organizations like DevX, Creative Labs, and LA Blueprint, and I grew at an astounding rate.

As I continued to learn more about myself and design, I found my calling in building tech for social good. I realized using my skills to make a positive impact on people’s lives not only empowered me to craft more effective and solutions-oriented designs, but it also ignited a fire within me to create meaningful experiences that truly make a difference.

My Approach

How I do what I do

My design process is a harmonious balance between the analytical and creative sides of my brain.

To me, user research is the food that fuels the design process. By peering into the minds of users and learning their desires, the entire framework of a design is basically laid out in front of me. I find the most joy in uncovering insights, understanding behaviors, and just speaking with users face-to-face.

However, bringing those insights to life is the exciting challenge of designing that my creative side deeply appreciates. From sketching out wireframes on whatever notebook I dig out of my desk to formulating the perfect color and typography combinations, I delight in the chance to marry visual aesthetics and functionality.

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My Corner

How I enjoy life :)

Travel has always been one of my biggest loves. Next stop: hopefully Iceland?

I'm a certified dog-lover. Pictured are my dog Kewpie and my angel dog Kira <3

Random crafts and activities I get up to, like pottery, sewing, dancing hula!